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What You Should Know About Functional Medicine

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Many forms of alternative medicine have come up. From aromatherapy to acupuncture, there are many alternative medicine options to choose from. Functional medicine is among the newest forms of alternative medicine. It introduces a whole new side of medicine. This article will analyze a few facts about functional medicine so that you can get to understand more about it if it is a relatively new concept for you. Click here to learn more.
What Does Functional Medicine Entail?
This form of medicine is driven by the notion that every human is different, and thus, each individual reacts differently to varying illnesses. It is for this reason that it focuses on rendering individualized treatment, which involves the evaluation of a patient’s genetic makeup, environment, lifestyle, and body. This evaluation is done to determine what the underlying problem is and which treatment is best. The assumption that one type of treatment can be used on different patients suffering from the same disease doesn’t apply in functional medicine. Visit: for more info.
Which Treatment Options Are Used?
Unlike conventional medicine which relies on the use of different kinds of drugs, functional medicine doesn’t encourage the consumption of drugs. It does not focus on treating the disease by suppressing the symptoms using drugs. On the contrary, it is health-oriented. So, when a patient is ill, functional medicine practitioners don’t focus entirely on treating the affected organ. They, instead, treat the entire body. Practitioners use holistic treatment options such as nutritional therapy, full-body exercise, chelation therapy, among many others. Functional medicine practitioners hold the belief that drugs can’t bring about long-lasting change, in the absence of healthy living. It is because of this that they don’t use drugs in their treatment regimes.
Who Are Suitable Candidates for Functional Medicine?
According to experts, everybody can make a good candidate for functional medicine. Patients who are more interested in disease prevention have an added advantage. Also, those struggling with chronic diseases such as diabetes stand to benefit considerably from functional medicine. Visit a competent functional medicine practitioner so that they can examine you and advise you accordingly.
Can Functional Medicine Serve as a Replacement for Conventional Medicine?
Many people are reluctant to try out functional medicine because they assume that they’ll have to use it concurrently with conventional medicine. This is not true. Why? Because functional medicine can replace conventional medicine completely. All you’ll have to do is to choose between either of the two. Functional medicine has many pros. Aside from the fact that you will not take pills and have injections, your health will improve holistically. Read here for more information: